farm wars ecosystem

New way to build play to earn that lasts!

The Farm Wars ecosystem is a revolutionary way to create and support a stable ‘play to earn’ ecosystem.

players will be able to convert their crypto to FW in-game coins in order to play and upgrade in the game. Once a player wants to withdraw his profits, he will convert his FW coins to the chosen crypto stable coin directly from the game’s conversion portal.

There is no native cryptocurrency to the game, so there is no need to worry about price fluctuations or market conditions.

The FW in-game coins will be pegged to a set price in USD and will not lose or gain value.

We strongly recommend reading the full game paper to understand this revolutionary ecosystem structure.

ecosystem elements

Conversion Portal

The conversion portal is where a player can buy or sell FW coins using cryptocurrency stable coins.

At first, the conversion portal will fully support the SUI blockchain, and it will keep expanding to support other blockchains as time goes by.

Mint Wallet 

The Mint wallet is the wallet that will receive all funds from minting NFTs in the Farm Wars game.

A certain portion of those funds will be transferred to the game wallet to support airdrops, giveaways, and special bonuses.

FW in-game coins

The FW coins are in-game coins only and are not crypto coins.
Players will earn FW coins in the game and can convert them -“cash out” to stable coins at any time.

No native crypto

Every time a player buys FW in game coins, the incoming funds are sent to the main game wallet.

The main game wallet will always hold the equal value of the total circulating supply of FW in game coins in stable coins.

The player can buy in-game coins with stable coins on the SUI blockchain

Metadata Report

This is a report in the backend of the game that will keep track of any FW coin that is given to players from airdrops.

This is in order to ensure the the main game wallet always has enough funds to support players selling their FW coins.

Warrior NFTs

The Farm Wars game can be played in a “Fun 2 Play” mode for players that do not hold an NFT.

Players with the Warrior NFT will be able to “play 2 earn”, and profit from the game.


TRansaction circulation

The above example is on Sol and will be the same in any other blockchain.